Tactical Earpieces

Hearing Protection is a necessity for those serving in the military and law enforcement. Exposure to loud noises is a common occurrence for those who serve whether a fighter pilot, SWAT team member, combat engineer, or helicopter pilot and will damage ears over time.

Choosing the right hearing protection is imperative, but can be difficult. Standard foam earplugs must be inserted perfectly into the ear every time in order to attain a standard level of protection. Traditional headsets can be uncomfortable and cumbersome; while ordinary earplugs interfere with effective communication.

Emtech's custom fit hearing protection eliminates all the issues of using generic plugs and headsets. We design tactical earpieces unique to each person, molding them from impressions taken from the individual's ears for a perfect fit.

Depend on Emtech Laboratories for comfortable, durable hearing protection when it matters most because we depend on you.