About Us

Emtech Laboratories, Inc. is proud to consider you a partner in working toward our common goal of providing your clients with the best hearing health care possible. Since 1977, Emtech has been dedicated to providing custom earpieces for use with hearing aids, and as hearing protection including shooters plugs, musician earmolds, swim molds, and musician ear monitors. We also carry a full line of hearing healthcare supplies. Within this website you will find a comprehensive explanation of our products and hearing health supplies.

Emtech was established as an earmold manufacturing facility on April 1, 1977. From day one, Emtech has always taken pride in our commitment of quality and customer service. Emtech’s reputation has always been one of quality, knowledgeable staff, and prompt service. Through our research, we have invented and patented the Patriot™, M.C.T.™, E-Compound™, TechSeal™, Brushed Velvet™, Silicone Units™, and much more as well as the combo mold made with a Silicone canal and a Lucite concha. Every earpiece made at Emtech is backed by our guarantee and commitment to work with you to achieve complete satisfaction.