A Sound Approach
To Good Business.

Emtech Laboratories offers a wide variety of hearing
protection for children and adult recreational uses.
We make protection of your hearing part of your
everyday work use and lifestyle.

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A Sound Approach
to Better Hearing

... and "FASTER" hearing! Emtech's turn-around time is UNMATCHED in the industry. It's important to us that you don't have to wait for the custom fit and personal style you want in an earpiece. Tour our site to view all of our hearing health care products.

A Better Approach to the Hearing

Emtech Laboratories works with hearing health providers to fit patients with the most comfortable custom earpieces possible, enhancing their hearing and quality of life. Many professionals benefit from Emtech’s custom earpieces: anesthesiologists, pilots, security officers, TV journalists, musicians and more.  A variety of colors and styles makes customizing personal style easy and enjoyable.  

Making Good
Times Better

Emtech offers a variety of recreational earpieces. Water in your ears can ruin your fun. Choose from an array of colorful custom earpieces to keep your ears dry. If you need hearing protection with clear, natural sound, you’ll enjoy Emtech’s custom high-fidelity Musicians Earplugs™.  So versatile, you don’t need to play music to wear them.

Better Protection
When it Matters

Emtech offers custom hearing protection to prevent hearing loss that can occur during noisy occupations or recreational activities. We will even help you get a better night’s sleep. With custom sleep plugs, you can comfortably block out noises that keep you awake. So no matter how you’re “sawing logs”, we’ve got you covered.

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Better Service

Better Hearing

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