RIC, RITE, Open Fit, Slim Tube


RIC (Receiver In Canal) and RITE (Receiver In The Ear) have become extremely popular due to their sound quality and discreet size. However, many of these hearing instruments require custom fit earpieces to help retain the receiver in the ear canal, provide necessary gain before feedback, allow for more comfort, and avoid insertion difficulties. With Emtech's custom fit earpieces you select from an open recessed canal style, a canal lock style, or even a skeleton style, based on your patient’s individual needs. Emtech Laboratories has solutions for virtually any application, which will help maximize your fittings and improve your patient satisfaction.


The acoustic and cosmetic advantages of Slim Tube/Open Fit hearing instruments have increased the demand for this style of fitting. However, many patients are borderline candidates because of their degree of hearing loss, or the fact that stock, generic ear tips may not fit securely in their ear canals. Emtech Laboratories' custom fit earpieces are the solution. Select a style that meets your patients’ needs and improve your patients’ satisfaction.


Ordinarily used with hearing instruments having an external receiver which is snapped into the clip ring in the mold. It fills the entire concha and is used mostly for body type instruments. Also used for auditory trainer molds, pilot molds, anesthesiologist molds, stethoscope molds. (Available in ALL materials).


This style offers excellent retention, yet is very lightweight. It is completely cut out, leaving only the outer ring. This offers very good concealment as well as comfort. (Available in ALL materials and acoustic modifications).

Semi- Skeleton

This style is basically a skeleton with the upper portion of the concha ring removed. In most cases it offers as much retention as the skeleton and is lighter. This is an excellent selection when the ear is not undercut in the upper concha and full retention can be obtained in the helix and anti-tragus. (Available in ALL materials and acoustic modifications).


The shell is similar to the receiver type but without the snap ring. The center is contoured to reduce the weight of the mold. This style takes advantage of the ear’s full retention. It is used mostly with severe and profound hearing losses. Also used for auditory trainer molds. (Available in ALL materials and acoustic modifications).

Half - Shell

This style is a modified shell. The anti-helix and parts of the upper concha of the mold are removed. It provides better retention than the canal mold and is used in many cases when the canal mold will not provide proper retention. (Available in ALL materials and acoustic modifications).