Occupational Earpieces

A variety of businesses can benefit from comfortable, custom earmolds. Many of these earpieces include Anesthesiologist Molds, Stethoscope Molds, Pilot Molds, Communication Molds, Racing sets, floatable swim molds, musician molds, and hearing protection. All are available in a variety of bright and fluorescent colors.

Westone has worked closely with pilots, doctors, television personalities, and communications professionals to develop highly effective earpieces that bring new levels of comfort and efficiency to their professions. Several of our earpieces are designed specifically to work with the most popular headsets on the market.


An Anesthesiologist Mold is a receiver style earpiece with a snap ring attached to the metal adaptascope. 14 inches of tubing is provided on the adaptascope, but more is available upon request.


A Pilot Mold is a receiver style earpiece, typically ordered in Lucite material, with a male adapter and tubing. If preferred, an adjustable bar with a screw can be provided.


The Communication Molds are used by those in the broadcasting field, law enforcement, and emergency services. These molds are primarily non-occluding Lucite, skeleton style earpieces. A female adapter attached to coiled tubing is provided with a clip
for convenience.


A Racing set is a pair of custom shell earpieces with electronic receivers. The set comes with a 24" Y-cord and a standard 1/8" right angle plug to connect
to the radio.


Custom fit earmolds for cell phones. Perfect for use at home, in the office, or in the car.

The earpiece can be made with an external adapter to fit the bud, or pressure fit to accommodate the bud without an adapter.