Earpiece Styles

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Fills the entire concha and is used for body type instruments, auditory trainers, pilot molds, anesthesiologist molds (with an adapt-a-scope adapter), communication molds, some headsets, and earbud molds (with a boot or pressure fit). Receivers are available in all materials except EM3000.

receiver earmold


This style offers excellent retention, yet is very lightweight. It is completely cut out, leaving only the outer ring. The skeleton style offers very good concealment as well as comfort. It is available in all materials and acoustic modifications.

Semi - Skeleton

A skeleton with the upper portion of the concha ring removed. In most cases, it offers as much retention as the skeleton and is lighter. The semi-skeleton option is an excellent selection when the ear is not undercut in the upper concha and full retention can be obtained in the helix and anti-tragus. It is available in all materials and acoustic modifications. Also available in 3/4 skeleton.

Canal with Lock

The canal lock is similar to the canal but with a lock along the anti-tragal area to help anchor the mold in.

Canal Only

The canal mold is comfortable and cosmetically appealing. The anti-tragus and tragus portion of the ear should be undercut to provide adequate retention features. Otherwise, it may be difficult to retain in the ear. The canal only option is suitable for mild to moderate losses and for patients with a deformed pinna.  Available in all materials and acoustic modifications.


The shell fills the concha of the ear with a contoured concha to reduce the weight of the mold. This style takes advantage of the ear’s full retention. It is used mostly with severe and profound hearing losses. Available in all materials and acoustic modifications.

Half Shell

This style is a modified shell. The anti-helix and parts of the upper concha of the mold are removed. It provides better retention than the canal mold and is used in many cases when the canal mold will not provide proper retention. Available in all materials and acoustic modifications. Also available in 3/4 shells.


The Patriot earpieces are hollow in the canal area and made of extremely soft silicone material, providing excellent comfort. Because of this design, Patriots are less likely to unseat due to jaw motion. It incorporates our patented E-Compound material. This style is not a good option if the canal is straight and funnel shaped.


The TechSeal permits boosting high frequency sound without causing aggravating feedback experienced with other earpieces. Its versatility is unmatched, covering losses ranging from mild to severe, as well
as providing acoustic modifications. The TechSeal option also incorporates our E-Compound material, and is a good choice for those with TMJ issues.