Recreational Earpieces

Emtech Laboratories offers a wide variety of hearing protection for children and adult recreational uses. We make the protection of your hearing part of your everyday work use and lifestyle.

For years, Westone has been on the leading edge of what we call “recreational audiology”. We have products that allow motorcyclists to run the open road, let racecar drivers communicate with their pit crews, and music lovers hear exactly what they want to hear without ear-wrenching volume.

Musician Earplugs

Custom Musician Earplugs allow for clear, more natural sound by attenuating all frequencies. The filters come in your choice of ER9, ER15, or ER25.


A Custom Ear Plug HP is recommended.

This custom hearing protection allows the user to hear clearly until a loud noise causes an acoustic valve to close. Made from silicone, the material gives you many color choices. A plastic carrying case is included for convenience.


Aqua-Seal custom swim plugs are made from soft, pliable, floatable silicone. They are available in a variety of solid colors and swirls. A carrying case is included with each pair. A vinyl cord is available for order in your choice of color.


Custom fit earmolds for cell phones. Fits most common lightweight voice-activated speaker/ microphone combinations. Perfect for use at home or in the office with cordless phones, having both hands FREE!